“Well-Being & the Workplace” Research Report and PowerPoint Slides

you are to research one company
(publicly-traded) and its cultural, business, and leadership practices relative to well-
being and the work environment. 

The company you choose should be one that you
believe you would thrive in and want to work in in the future. You will need to research
your topic using the library databases.

Remember to follow APA style for your preparation outline, PowerPoint presentation,
and your bibliography. 

Your research should include cultural
dimensions, VIA Character Strengths, and Well-being of the company. You are required
to analyze and have a clear response to how the company your group chooses and how
it conducts itself as a business and its work environment relative to well-being and the

Research Report:All reports are to be typed, single-spaced, using university-level

Preparation Outline: All Preparation Outlines are to be typed, double-spaced, using
university-level writing. Please carefully proof your work for correct grammar and
spelling. Use standard 12-point font with one-inch margins

Your Preparation Outlines & PowerPoint slides should include:
1. Following the required format for Presentation Outlines as noted in the
handout Preparation Outlines and discussed in class.
2. Be audience-centered and purpose-driven
3. An introduction, body and conclusion
4. The introduction and conclusion are written out word-for-word.
5. The introduction should include an interesting beginning, a clear thesis, and
preview of main points. Main points are limited to three to five main points;
must include a brief introduction of your team in the order you are presenting
6. The body of the preparation outline should follow the order of the main points
as previewed, should be in standard, university-level outlining format, and
should include sufficient support for your ideas, including appropriate APA
citations throughout
7. Appropriate transitions should guide the audience through your ideas,
specifically as you move from one main idea to the next and one speaker to
the next.
8. All preparation outlines should finish with a conclusion that includes restating
your thesis and summarizing your main points.
9. All work should include accurate bibliographic notation following APA
formatting. Omission of appropriate citations or inaccurate citations mandates
no credit for the assignment.
10. Sources should include peer-reviewed, academic work.
11. Your research should include a minimum of 5 different sources per team
member and a variety of sources should be included in your preparation
outline, in your oral presentation, and on your PowerPoint (PPT) slides. Your
preparation outline and PPT slides must have a bibliography included for
credit. All work must be cited in writing, orally, and on PPT slides. Follow Best
Practices for PPT in Canvas.
12. Time Limit for Presentations

“Well-Being & the Workplace” Research Report and PowerPoint Slides

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