A Study in Supply Chains

If there is one thing we have all paid more attention to since 2020, it’s supply chains. Toilet paper, soap, coins, aluminum cans, meat…these all faced shortages and hiccups in their supply chains from production to the consumer. In the United States, the distribution of most products is fairly straightforward. There are many independent intermediaries (wholesalers, dealers, distributors, retailers) that are willing to cooperate to get the product to the end user. Our elaborate interstate highway system combines with rail, air, and water transportation to provide means for moving goods from one part of the country to the other.


For this case study, you should first select a consumer product, it could be one that you use everyday (toothpaste, soap, coffee, towels, computers, etc…the possibilities are endless). Then use your resources to research and gather information to do the following: • Describe the path that the product takes to get from the producer to you. This includes the raw materials that might be needed to product the product. • Create a presentation that traces each of the steps that the product takes. • Include as much information as you can about transportation, warehousing, materials handling, order processing, inventory control, etc. Be creative and be specific. No paper is required, just the presentation. Include citations




· Presentation – this is the required format for the case study to be turned in  (Powerpoint, adobe, canva, etc)  There will be no formal presentation to me or the class


· Your selection could be anything – one student said he may go to the grocery store and walk around to get some ideas.  Think outside the box!


· Another question on how many slides – The average that I have had is around 11 slides.  You definitely need a title slide, an intro or background slide, and slide with your citations


· Look at materials, manufacturing process, transportation/logistics, distribution, retail, consumer/end user


· Utilize graphics in your presentation.  Don’t just type the words into the slides.  Be creative!

A Study in Supply Chains

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