African Studies Question


Game Changer Final Paper


Over the past several modules, you developed a historical game changer paper. For this assignment, you will submit the final research paper.  This week you will be drafting a research paper of 6-7 pages (approximately 1500-1750 words) that uses at least 7 sources (a minimum of two primary sources) and builds on your previous Milestone work. Use the Game Changer Paper Template Download Game Changer Paper Template for an example of how to create and format the final paper.

Step 1 Reflect on all of the Previous Milestones and Make Adjustments 

After each Milestone assignment, the instructor provided you with feedback, often including suggestions for improvement. Take stock of that feedback and incorporate it into the final paper this week. This might mean adjusting the wording of your thesis statement, replacing a source, fixing errors in your APA formatting, rewriting your introduction or thesis statement, or rethinking your organization of paragraphs.

Using your Module 2 Annotated Bibliography, Module 3 Outline, and Module 5 Presentation, begin to flesh out each of your body paragraphs by adding evidence from your sources that supports your thesis (along with proper in-text citations for ideas or quotes from your sources). Include transitions between paragraphs and wrap up your paper with a conclusion paragraph that reiterates your thesis argument and offers some concluding thoughts.

Step 2 Use Additional Resources to Improve your Paper

Utilize these additional resources to help draft the paper: 

Excelsior OWL: The Writing Process Links to an external site.

Excelsior OWL: APA style Links to an external site.

Library Research Guide (option on the tab on the left side of the course) 

Game Changer Paper Template Download Game Changer Paper Template

TutorMe – free tutoring hours (option on the tab on the left side of the course) 

Step 3 Review and Edit Your Work

Once the draft is written, proofread it carefully with an eye on such details as spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence clarity, and word choice. Read the draft out loud to catch errors you might otherwise miss in print.

Step 4 Submit to the Canvas. Review Your Turnitin Report. Make Changes If Needed and Resubmit.

African Studies Question

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