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Philosophy of Education

Your philosophy of education describes your beliefs and attitudes regarding supporting the development and learning of young children. For each of the following prompts, please provide an overview of your current beliefs and attitudes. In total, your response will be about 2 pages in length.

Part 1: Describe your beliefs and attitudes about young children

What are your fundamental beliefs about young children…

As learners?

As members of a classroom community?

  • As members of diverse family units?
  • As members of the larger societal community?
  • What specific theoretical and philosophical perspectives have informed your beliefs, as outlined above?
  • e. Piaget, Vygotsky, Froebel, etc. Be specific in explaining why your chosen theorists’ assertions match with your beliefs about ECE.
  • Part 2: Describe your beliefs and attitudes about the role of the teacher
  • What are your beliefs about the role of the early childhood teacher…

As facilitator of learning?

  • As an assessor?

As a nurturer of social/emotional needs?

As a creator of community?

  • As a partner with families?
  • As an advocate?
  • As an ethical early childhood professional?
  • As an effective member of an early childhood team?
  • Utilize the NAEYC Code of Ethics to inform your response, especially the section that describes your responsibilities as a colleague to other teachers.
  • In what ways has current research and values from the fields of early childhood general education, early childhood special education, and early intervention informed your beliefs, as outlined above? 
  • You can utilize examples of current research cited in the textbook or other sources like articles or websites
  • What relevant standards and guidelines in the field of early childhood education currently inform or will inform your practice?

answer all the questions

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