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Watch Rivers and Tides on YouTube (link below). This is a documentary film featuring artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Here are some questions to help you think critically about Goldsworthy’s artwork. I suggest reading these while you are watching the film, rather than waiting until you have finished it.

How would you describe Goldsworthy’s relationship with his artwork?

How would you describe the relationship between Goldsworthy’s work and nature?

Do you think Goldsworthy begins his artworks with a plan of how they will look when they were finished? 

What do you think about Goldsworthy allowing the forces of nature to affect his work? Letting his works move and fall apart?

Which do you think is more important to Goldsworthy? Process or final product?

Do you see a connection to death in Goldsworthy’s work?

What do you think about Goldsworthy using materials solely from the location in which the work is created?

Would you consider Goldsworthy’s work important to contemporary art culture?

Do you ever “play” with nature in a similar way to Goldsworthy? How does this interaction with nature affect you?

How would you describe Goldsworthy as an artist? A sculptor, performance artist, videographer, photographer, all of the above, or something else? How do you think Goldsworthy would prefer to be described?

What do you think about Goldsworthy’s dedication to his craft?

Link to watch:  

Art Question

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