Art Question Theodorah II by Senzeni Marasela (Linocut)

Select a work of art that was developed through one of the printmaking process we are

studying in Chapter 2.03.
Possible processes:
• Relief printing—woodcut, linocut
• Intaglio—engraving, drypoint, etching, aquatint, mezzotint
• Planographic printmaking—lithography, silkscreen printing
• Monotypes or monoprints
Chose your print from the High Museum or the Museum of Modern Art websites.
Try not to pick the first image that you see. Do not write about a print that is in our
• The High Museum Permanent Collection
o In the bar under “Search the highlights” type a printmaking process that
interests you.
• The Museum of Modern Art 
o When you go to this link, you will see the words “The Collection” with a bar
underneath that reads “search artists and works.” In that bar type one of
the printmaking processes that interests you. You will have thousands of
images to choose from.
Write a thoughtful and concise paragraph, 300-400 words, about your print and its
1. First be sure to tell us the artist’s name, the title of the piece in “quotation marks”
or italicized, the year it was made, and its dimensions. Provide a bit of
biographical information about the artist. Always refer to the artist by their full or
last name, never their first name. (10 pts)
2. Decipher how the print was made and write about it in your own words.
Review the definitions and process explanations that are in the text book for
different types of printmaking, and the site “What is a print?” from the Museum of
Modern Art ( This
site is interactive and fun. Why do you think the artist choose that specific
process of printmaking to develop their vision? What attributes does that
particular process have that you believe the artist wanted? Slow down when you
are studying the different types of printmaking! (20 pts)

3. Why are you attracted to this print? Use the principles of design and the
vocabulary that you have studied in this class to describe why. Is it the subject,
the color, the space, the texture–what is it about this that attracts you.
Vocabulary, vocabulary, vocabulary. 

Art Question Theodorah II by Senzeni Marasela (Linocut)

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