BSM-310 Assigment

Two summer jobs are presented below, determine which job you would choose. Record your choice and support your answer with differential analysis.

You have been offered two different jobs for the upcoming summer. Since both are full-time positions, you must choose to work only one of the jobs.

The first job is in an office building. The pay will be $320 per week. The office is located 20 miles from your home, so you estimate that you will spend $25 per week on gas. You will also have to pay $25 per week for parking. Because you are required to dress professionally, you will need to purchase some new clothes. You estimate that you will spend $350 on new clothes for this job during the summer.

The second job is at a theme park. The pay will be $220 per week. The park is also 20 miles from your home, but you can carpool with a friend. Your share of the gas will be $12.50 per week. There is no charge for parking. The park will furnish you with a uniform, so you won’t need to buy any special clothes.

Summer break will allow you to work 12 weeks, which job will provide you with more money? Why would you possibly choose the job that pays less?

BSM-310 Assigment

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