BUS 475 Week 6 Discussion – Failure to Protect


to protect consumers. What were the failures? Who were the victims?  What can or could be done to prevent such failures in the future? Do  your findings change the way you will support the company in the future?

You are encouraged to share resources that introduce or illuminate the event.

  • Cite the textbook to support your response.
  • In a separate paragraph be sure to respond to your classmate’s post below:
    Hello Professor and Classmates, There is a online store by the name of Shein. They provide all type  of merchandise from clothes shows to house decor for low prices. I found  an article that stated Shein was being sued for failing to properly  handle a date breach that compromised the personal information of  millions of consumers and for not telling the truth about the scope.  (Ag.Ny.Gov,1). Shein failed to follow protocol on data breaches. Their  consumers were impacted by this. This caused the company to have to pay  millions of dollars.  due to the lawsuit. In my opinion, this could be  avoided by simply by following the procedures in the event of a data  breach, In the future, require sign offs on notifications of dats  breaches. Also, have a system in which task are double checked and  rushed. 1. No author. October 12, 2022. Attorney  General James Secures $1.9 Million from E-Commerce SHEIN and ROMWE  Owner Zoetop for Failing to Protect Consumers’ Data. 

BUS 475 Week 6 Discussion – Failure to Protect

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