Capstone Project: Reimagining Eden: Narratives of Ethics and Innovation

Objective: Engage in a creative exploration of the Garden of Eden’s narrative by crafting a story that addresses contemporary ethical dilemmas. This project encourages students to integrate ancient themes with modern issues, using their narrative to reflect on ethical challenges, supported by a technological component and personal reflection.


Assignment Components: 1. Design Your Project • Creative Retelling: Choose one of the following contemporary issues as the focus for your narrative, reinterpreting the Garden of Eden story to highlight the chosen dilemma: ? Artificial Intelligence and Robotics ? Genetic Engineering ? Social Media and Privacy ? Mental Health and Society’s Responsibilities ? Climate Change and Environmental Stewardship ? Economic Inequality and Social Justice ? Surveillance and Freedom ? Immigration and Global Movement ? Sexuality and Sexual Orientation ? Technological Advancements and Human Enhancement ? Animal Rights


• Incorporate Eden Themes: Create a retelling that weaves many, if not all, of the following core themes from the Garden of Eden story: ? Rebellion against a parent/guardian figure ? Preservation and challenge of boundaries between beings ? Desire and temptation ? Revelation of special knowledge (and its implications) ? Change to one’s identity/social status as a result of new knowledge ? Excommunication or division ? Loss of special status by the knowledge recipient


2. Submit Initial Draft (Due Week Five): • Purpose: Submit an initial draft of your hypothetical scenario that outlines the chosen contemporary issue and how you plan to integrate the Garden of Eden themes into your retelling. • Requirements: Your draft should include a brief overview of the narrative focus, the contemporary issue chosen, and an outline of how Eden themes will be woven into the story. For the Initial draft, your retelling will need to be at least 400 hundred words. While the minimum word count for the reflection is set to ensure eligibility for full credit, the best reflections will go beyond this minimum, demonstrating completeness and depth of thought to fully articulate personal insights and growth. • Feedback: You will receive constructive feedback on your draft, focusing on the clarity of your chosen topic, the integration of Eden themes, and suggestions for deepening the ethical exploration in your narrative. This feedback is intended to guide your revisions and enhance your final submission.

Capstone Project: Reimagining Eden: Narratives of Ethics and Innovation

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