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After you view these short videos, write a Brief Summary.

The purpose of this activity is to highlight the important information related to the concepts of the Alphabetic Principle and Phonics and to create focal points as you view the video through your summary. Write a summary that best captures your understanding about the Alphabetic Principle and Phonics. Your summary may be no longer than one full paragraph.  This is for your note-taking and study purposes. There is a 1 point award for submitting your completed notes. Processing through this activity builds your background knowledge about the Alphabetic Principle and Phonics.  Additionally, you should be able to differentiate between phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, and phonics.

While viewing this video, please take note of the following questions. These questions are intended to help you focus on important take-aways from the video viewing. You do not have to submit these responses.

  • Pay close attention to the instructional method used by the teacher. Describe the teaching environment.
  • What is the main purpose or objective of her lesson?
  • How is she teaching this lesson?
  • What skill or skills are being targeted?
  • What is she doing to help support students with a special need?

conect capture

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