Dataiku Project

Congratulations, you’ve just got a new job as analytics manager at the company of your

dreams. As you start to know more on how the company operates, you’ve realised that the

company could leverage Twitter information for their benefit, especially after you learned about

text analytics at a course in your MIM program.

You have decided to write a proposal to your manager aiming to convince her of the tremendous

opportunity you’ve found by writing a 2-page document detailing the benefits of leveraging

Twitter for the company or one of their business units.

Additionally, you plan to prepare a short demonstration of Text Analytics potential on Twitter by

analysing a sentiment analysis Twitter dataset that contains tweets from the first first days of

Coronavirus pandemic. You already worked with this dataset in class and you got some basic

but promising results. You aspire that just improving them a bit would be enough to demonstrate

to your manager that your proposal is doable.

In the document you plan to detail how text analytics on Twitter would help the company and

provide some details of the demo, i.e. how well your model works (both in analytics metrics and

in potential business terms), considering the short amount of time you’ve dedicated and the little

amount of data you’ve used.

With both deliverables you aspire to convince your manager to give you resources and time to

start working on the text analytics project you are proposing.


– Dataiku Project.

– Proposal Document

The Dataiku project should include:

– All data processing steps you’ve carried out

– The analytical process you’ve carried out.

– Please indicate clearly where the results of your model are.

The document should include:

– Short description of the company and its sector (you can invent or use a real company)

– Why using Twitter analytics could help the company or one of its business units

– How you plan to leverage the information from Twitter to improve company operations/strategy.

– Description of the demo you’ve prepared, including the different steps you’ve followed to

prepare your data.

– Description of the results of your analysis and how demonstrate it is feasible to conduct

Evaluation criteria I will evaluate your work based on the quality of the following aspects of your


– Description of the problem and the opportunity for your company.

– Description of how the solution would help the company.

– Description of what you’ve done in your Dataiku demonstration.

– How persuasive you’ve been. That is, how good your arguments are, taking into account the

company’s context.

. One final comment: I left for you to decide the company, its sector, and even the business

application of using Text Analytics on Twitter. There is a reason for that, and it is no other than

forcing you to think on these issues so you can demonstrate and show off that you’ve

understood how text analytics can be leveraged in a real business 

Dataiku Project

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