Dis 1. Discussion 505 3 file 

Locate a research study that utilized experimental or quasi-experimental methods. Briefly summarize the study. For example, discuss the inclusion of 2-group tests, regression analysis, and time-series analysis in terms of the study design’s strengths, weaknesses, or limitations. What challenges or limitations did the researcher identify they encountered by choosing this method?

Dis 2 5 file 

This week covers probability and non-probability sampling. Discuss in detail the characteristics of probability and nonprobability sampling. Discuss why researchers would use conditional probability instead of unconditional probability in their study.

Dis 3 5 file 

Discuss Tuckman’s model of the dynamic group process from the perspective of the leaders supervising those teams. What do you think is the most important stage, and why?

Dis 4 5 file


There are a number of stakeholders in healthcare, many of whom are actively involved in policymaking activities. A common compliance-related concern involves a conflict of interest between a stakeholder and the organization. A conflict of interest often involves the inability of a stakeholder to perform their duties appropriately because it could possibly betray their interests to the organization. For instance, interest groups may attempt to influence public policy in their favor, often by lobbying members of the government. In this case, the influence of interest groups on policymaking is not necessarily an illegal activity; rather, it is viewed more as a significant part of the decision-making process.

Based on what you learned this week, address the following requirements:

Discuss two examples of conflicts of interest in policymaking.

What might influence stakeholders to engage in policymaking activities that could pose a conflict of interest? 


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