Discussion report

Self-assessment of any 3 of the objectives of this course: one assigned to you and any other 2 of your choice. The objectives of this course can be found in the syllabus and for each one of the objectives assigned or selected, you should evaluate:

What have you learned regarding this objective.

Any suggestion regarding the way the course dealt with it.

Ways you can use the information related to this objective to advance your career aspirations.


1. Identify managerial challenges and opportunities for organizational advancement that may be resolved by the application of current new technologies.

2. Explain the main characteristics of the basic components of information systems.

3. Use various information technologies and systems to gain a position of competitive advantage in the marketplace.

4. Analyze key enabling technologies that may advance organizations’ effectiveness and competitive position presently and in the future.

5. Differentiate applications such as groupware, the Internet, executive information systems, telecommunications, and other organizational supporting technologies and relate them to solving organization problems.

6. Integrate personnel and organizational changes required to implement the new technologies in established and newly formed organizations. 

7. Understand key characteristics and challenges associated with big data. 

8. Distinguish the growing importance and efficacy of the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI) in business environments.

Discussion report

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