Dyselxia Discussion

Create Your Own KWL Experience about DYSLEXIA: Now I Know!

Create a KWL chart to show your understanding of dyslexia and the best strategies that support learners with dyslexia. Use this resource to help you with this assignment:  Try to complete the K and W portions of the KWL chart first, before you read this article.

Use this  to do your KWL about Dyslexia.

This  will help you better understand how to create your KWL chart. 

Follow these steps in this order:

Complete the K and W sections of the KWL Chart first (you do not need to go back and complete or fix any inaccurate information; this will be evident in your L portion of the chart. Before you engage with your article, complete the K and W parts of the KWL chart.

Read Chapters 1-3 from the Conquering Dyslexia Book. Also, read the articles/resources provided about dyslexia after you complete #1 above before reading the article.

Complete the L section of the KWL Chart by adding other questions that may come to mind while reading the book chapters and article. This will help you keep track of any insights you realize.

Write a summary for each book chapter after you read the book chapters and article.

Write a reflection that explains and summarizes your L part of the KWL chart to address what you learned about dyslexia through this activity.

Dyselxia Discussion

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