East Los Angeles College Journal response

Students must pick from one of the available formats for responses:

  • Paragraph responses should be at least 300 words long and address a key theme or point in the reading and provide the students perspective or understanding of that theme or issue.
  • Visual or audio response: students may choose to create a visual or audio representation of the theme of the reading. These responses must be no less than two minutes in length and fulfill the same requirements as any of the weekly responses above.

Students must pick one of the available options for responding to the readings.

  • Critical response: Students will single out a specific issue in the reading that the student disagrees with. The student must not only describe the issue in detail but must also articulate why they disagree with the issue beyond “it does not make sense” or “I don’t agree with this.”
  • Three questions: Students will develop three questions about the reading. Each question will be accompanied by a 100-word explanation for why the question is being asked, why the question matters for their understanding of the reading, and what they think the answer might be.
  • Application: Students will apply the weekly reading to a subject of interest. In doing so, students will explain what the relevance of the application is for their understanding of the reading, and why this application helps them understand the subject of the application.

East Los Angeles College Journal response

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