Educational research

Major Assignment #1 Research topic and proposed method. In this assignment candidates will identify a research topic they wish to learn more about. In this 1-2-page document candidates will a) describe the topic they are interested in exploring, b) why they are interested in exploring this topic (personal, professional, and/or academic), and c) what they hope to learn and/or contribute to the understanding of this topic. In addition to conducting independent research, see Creswell’s Chapter 1 and the research topic folder in Blackboard.

Major Assignment #2 Ten abstracts from peer reviewed journals Using your library skills and the video by VSU librarian Darnell Law, identify peer reviewed, scholarly journal articles and government statistical databases. As instructed by Ms. Law, save the entire articles for use when writing your literature review. However, for this assignment upload only the abstracts to SafeAssign. Below is a link to Ms. Law’s video that explains how to identify, locate, download, save, and email literature to yourself. The abstract is typically on the first page of scholarly literature. Tip: When you find a good article about your topic look at the reference pages at the end of the article. to identity related literature about your topic

Educational research

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