Film Research Encounter PowerPoint The Wizard of Oz

The Research Encounter is an opportunity for students to investigate a specific artist and/or artifact. In this exploration, students will discover the impact of this artist or piece of art on the art world. The student will determine how the belief systems, values, and norms of the society and era this artist created in affected this artist’s output. Finally, the student will relate this information to the present world of art to the class in a PPTX presentation with audio.

Each student will be assigned a topic and date of submission by their instructor. Students are asked to provide a slide presentation that will answer the following:

Slide 1, Title page, name, date and word count (at least 300 in paragraphs in all).
Slide 2, with audio. Who is your artist and/or artifact? What is the date of the artifact?
Slide 3. Describe this artist’s context and how this influences the creation of the artwork. (This should include the birth and death dates of the artist.)
Slide 4. Discuss the elements of the artifact and the purpose of this work. Give one interesting fact about the artwork.
Slide 5. Explain why this artist’s work is essential or important. Is your topic a giant of the arts? Is this artifact a masterpiece?
Slide 6. List your sources.
Each presentation should contain 6 slides. Each presentation’s audio portion should be between five to ten minutes in length. Use at least three sources beginning with our text. There will be plenty of information on your artist; your job will be to present the essential information on this author.

Film Assigned: The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Film Research Encounter PowerPoint The Wizard of Oz

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