Gender and Leadership


Your task for this paper is to submit a robust outline with the headings that you will use in your final paper/signature assignment to explore the concept of gender and leadership through the lens of two different cultures. 

Please submit for approval an outline of your signature assignment that includes the following headings, and initial content (at least 2-3 sentences) under each:

Global Cultural Value One

Global Cultural Value Two

  • Sexual/Gender Minority Treatment (or Mistreatment)
  • Leadership Challenges
  • A Gender Intelligent Approach
  • Minimum 3 double-spaced pages
  • Information: 

Japan: Japanese culture has traditionally been influenced by strong gender roles, where men dominate leadership positions and politics. In recent years, there has been a growing awareness and discussion about gender equality in the workplace. I believe researching Japan can provide insights into the challenges faced by women aspiring to become leaders and the evolving dynamics of gender and leadership in their traditionally male-dominated society.

Ghana: Researching Ghana can shed light on the challenges faced by women in leadership roles within the cultural and societal context. Understanding how their cultural norms, traditions, and economic factors impact gender and leadership dynamics in Ghana can contribute valuable insights to the broader conversation on diversity and inclusion for Americans.

Gender and Leadership

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