Geology Question

Work Play Love: Read, review, reflect on Pages 61- 129         
For this week, read pages 61-129, then write a 500 word reflection essay response. You can write above 500 words, but do not write less than 500 words. The word-count is to help you to read, reflect and apply  what you have read.  Your thoughts and sentences should be complete and  well developed, at par with college grade essay writing. Use these  questions to structure your  reflection in the form of paragraphs. Answer to each question as a  well-developed paragraph. Canvas will automatically flag plagiarized or  AI generated work, and your essay will be disqualified.  

Read pages 61-129, and use these  questions to help you review and reflect on what you read. Keep in mind  that at this time when you are a student so your studies are your “work”  (although some of you may also be working while you are studying). 

In chapter 3, how does God’s work of creation (in Genesis 1: 27-28) relate to Lady Wisdom’s call to work? Describe work as performance, work as purpose, work as play. 

In chapter 4, describe the “broken  call” and how Dame Folly (foolishness) has brought about that  brokenness. What are Dame Folly’s “ten deadly thoughts?”  And what is  the impact of Dame Folly on work, play and love?

In chapter 5, The call of Abraham to  believe and follow God becomes the way to restore God’s new mission in a  new EDEN. Summarize what the acronym EDEN represents.  Afterwards,  explain: What does EDEN mean for your life and calling to study as a  student at PBA?

Geology Question

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