Glycemic control

Topic: Effects of glycemic control in critical care patients

Explain the Background of your problem, the definition of the variables. Include any pertinent background and history pertaining to your problem or topic of interest and what has led you to believe this problem is of great significance to the nursing profession. The aim of this section is to help the reader understand the concepts and definitions of your topic of study.

  1. Identify your source and method for searching the evidence (keywords, databases, inclusion, exclusion criteria). Find the highest level of evidence first and then proceed methodically through the hierarchy of evidence to answer the focused question. Remember “Not all evidence is created equal.” That is, we can have more confidence in some types of evidence than in others. Just because the evidence you have maybe a study or a clinical guideline published by an organization does not mean that it is the best evidence (i.e., the most objective or the most trustworthy). Refer to the levels of evidence and explain in this section how do you searched and classify the evidence (Use the literature matrix). Why are you trusting the results? 

Glycemic control

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