Hacker Group Presentation

Hacking, like many parts of our society today, has gone from an almost “hobbyist” level to a massive global “business”. At the top of the pile are threat actors with a high level of skill and vast resources.


These threat actors come in a variety of guises—there are APT groups, CaaS (Cybercrime-as-a-Service) groups, and hacktivists. Some of these groups have stood out by their actions, their longevity, their methods, or a combination of all three.


This is an individual assignment.



For this project, you will select one of these groups to research and then prepare a presentation on your findings. The presentation needs to be 5-7 minutes and should contain slides.



Choose an APT or hacker group from the following resource lists:


· List of hacker groups


· Links to an external site.




· Advanced Persistent Threat Groups (APT Groups)


· Links to an external site.




(Your choice is not limited to the groups you find here.)


Your assignment is to create a presentation of approximately 5-7 minutes in length, and needs to address the following questions:


· Origins


· Where did they originate from?


· What are the demographics of the group?


· How long have they been operating for?


· Achievements or notable attacks


· What are the hacks or activities that made them notable?


· Who or what were their primary targets?


· What techniques are they known for and which tools do they typically use?


· Significance


· What has been the impact of their actions?


· Did the group affect history in any way?


· Are they actively changing our society or culture for better or worse?

Hacker Group Presentation

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