history – renaissance and humanist era

This is an essay for my college history class surrounding the time of the renaissance and humanist era. The essay should be 5-6 pages (no more than 6 pages) in length with Chicago style formatting and footnotes and with a bibliography at the end. 8-10 primary sources must be cited and 4-5 secondary sources must be cited within the paper as well. I will provide all of the sources you can choose from once you accept this assignment. Here is the prompt: How important was Petrarch to the emergence of Renaissance humanism?

This essay really isn’t too difficult. I would do it myself I just don’t have any time.  Please make sure this is done by this Monday at 11:59 PM PST. 

My teacher also provided other helpful tips: 

1) Before you start any writing, spend a good amount of time considering the language of the question you have chosen to answer. Do NOT think of the questions you are given simply as “prompts”. Each question asks you to consider a particular historical problem; each question requires you to respond to the specific terms in which that problem is framed.

2) Before writing, plan an outline of the essay. Your answer should have a coherent and logical structure from beginning to end. Its opening should contain an outline of your general argument (some kind of statement of your thesis); it should unfold in progressive stages divided into paragraphs of appropriate length, and it should conclude properly. Good conclusions briefly recapitulate the central points of an argument in order to show that the question has been sufficiently answered; but they often also broaden out – again, briefly – to discuss related historical issues, or point to wider perspectives.

3) Each paragraph should be organized around an idea of theme or argument. It should not simply be a chronological narrative of events.

4) Every claim you make in your essay should be supported by proof derived principally from primary source material. The primary material is the textual basis of your historical evidence, and it must be cited accordingly.

5) In answering the question you have chosen, you will also always be expected to demonstrate knowledge of the secondary historiography you have been set. A capacity to describe the interpretations of the relevant modern historians, and identify the strengths and weakness of their positions and arguments, must be on display. The best answers to historical questions thread a path through existing interpretations in the light of the primary sources.

6) Your essays must be informed by the relevant material which is presented to you only in class. Failure to demonstrate learning from class will cost you grade points.

7) Clarity of expression is crucial. Complex arguments are often best expressed in lucid,

clear statements. If you don’t

understand what you are saying on the page, your reader almost certainly won’t; so try to reformulate your thoughts in more straightforward language, if necessary. You will be judged upon your ability not only to communicate your ideas and arguments accurately and grammatically but also fluently. Before turning in your work, read your argument to yourself to see if it flows.

8) Never, ever turn in work that you have not properly proof-read. You must try to eliminate all errors of grammar, spelling, and fact before submitting work.

history – renaissance and humanist era

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