Humanities Question

You are encouraged (but not required) to look up secondary sources to help you with this paper. All papers can be completed without outside sources, using only the primary source documents and the readings in Hunt et al., though you may find consulting some other historical writings to be beneficial. Should you do so, you must cite the author, title, and page number anytime you quote or develop ideas derived from these sources and include a bibliography at the end of the paper (bibliography will not count toward paper length). If you have any doubt or questions about the quality of a secondary source, please run it by me first.

After completing this paper, I will make notes on how to improve the work and you will implement these changes for the “final’ midterm paper, which will be due two weeks later.

Choose ONE of the following prompts to write your midterm paper on:

  1. Based on the second and first millennium B.C.E. religious texts that you have read (the Enuma Elish, the Great Hymn of AtenGilgamesh, and the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament), describe how ancient Near Eastern peoples understood their relationship with the divine or spiritual world. Using at least two of these documents, explain either a) how this relationship differed from culture to culture or b) how types of belief, religious practice, or the nature of the gods/God changed over time.

Humanities Question

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