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Integrated Assignment 3: Developing an IMC Plan Outline


Objective: This assignment is designed to immerse you in the practical aspects of marketing by challenging you to create an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Plan Outline. By applying your knowledge and creativity, you will craft a framework that aligns various promotional elements to deliver a cohesive and impactful message to your target audience.

Assignment Requirements:

1. Industry and Product Selection:

Choose an industry and a specific product or service within that industry for which you will develop the IMC plan.

Ensure the chosen product or service has potential for a diverse and engaging promotional strategy.

2. Target Audience Identification:

Clearly define your target audience. Consider demographics, psychographics, and any other relevant factors that will shape your communication strategy.

3. IMC Plan Outline:

Develop a comprehensive outline for your IMC plan. Include the following key elements:


Briefly introduce the industry, product, and target audience.

Situation Analysis:

Conduct a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) for your product or service.

Identify key competitors and market trends.

Marketing Objectives:

Clearly state measurable and realistic marketing objectives.

Target Audience:

Expand on the identified target audience and explain why they are the primary focus.

Key Message:

Define the core message that will be communicated to the target audience.

Communication Channels:

Outline the various channels (digital, traditional, social media, etc.) through which your message will be delivered.

Budget Allocation:

  • Provide a tentative budget allocation for each communication channel.
  • Evaluation and Control:

Explain how you will measure the success of your IMC plan and what control mechanisms will be in place.

4. Creativity Challenge:

Integrate a creative element into your IMC plan outline. This could be a visually appealing chart, infographic, or any other creative representation that enhances the overall presentation of your plan.

  • Submission Guidelines:

Your assignment should not exceed 3 pages (including the creative element).

Use clear and concise language.

Ensure that your IMC plan outline is well-organized and easy to follow.

  • Provide references for any data or research used in your situation analysis.

Assessment Criteria:

  • Clarity and coherence of the IMC plan outline.

Thoroughness of the situation analysis and identification of key marketing objectives.

Appropriateness and creativity of communication channel selection.

  • Effectiveness and relevance of the creative element.
  • Realism and feasibility of the budget allocation.

Marketing Question

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