miami dade Kathleen Bush | A Mother Betrayal | Crime Documentary

Watch the following two videos (if you are unable to watch them here, the links have been provided seperately beneath this assignment).The first video depicts Munchhausen by Proxy and is approximately 40 minutes long. The second video discusses the real case of an American art teacher who repontedly had 16 different personalities. Her story was then mae into a book and then into a movie in the 1970s. The video is approximaely 13 minutes.

After watching BOTH videos please write a two (2)-three (3) paragraph reflection about what you saw. Specifically, your reflection should include a discussion addressing the following:

-What was your initial reaction to watching the videos? What emotions did the each video arouse in you?

-What information from the videos stood out to you the most and why?

– In what way do you think the information presented in each of the videos related to the concepts discussed in chapter 6?

– Did the videos increase your understanding of these disorders? Did they change your perspective in any way (yes, no, and why)?

miami dade Kathleen Bush | A Mother Betrayal | Crime Documentary

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