Music Theory on a country song

Luke Combs Five Leaf Clover 

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“A popular contemporary country music singer, Luke Combs, is known for his relatable lyrics and comforting voice. All of his music has numerous metaphors, that truly enhance the overall meaning of his songs.  Luke’s Five Leaf Clover, on his newest album, reflects on all the things in life that he has been so fortunate to have and experience, inspired by a time he went looking for 4-leaf clovers and ended up finding a 5-leafed clover, a rare discovery.”


This semester we will dissect songs for both their lyrical and musical value. Your assignment for this module will be to write a 1,000 word essay analyzing any song of your choice. The analysis will require both the effect of the lyrics and the music in the song, and how this impacts those who listen and maybe even on a greater scale, the impact this song may have on the greater society (if that is the case).

The song MUST have both lyrics and music.

For the lyrics, you will use theoretical approaches to poetry, language, and consciousness as part of your analysis. We will provide some examples in class using Mary Oliver’s “Poetry Handbook” and other resources. You will want to be sure in the lyrical analysis you discuss any elements of poetry or literary tools that are used and explain how the lyrics/music you selected confirms or compliments rational thought.  Which words or musical phrasings are keys to understanding the meaning of the selected song choice?  Explore the etymology and evolution of these words and/or musical phrases/melodies, and evaluate the creativity of the songwriter’s choice and expression of them.  Has the poet/musician employed metaphorical thinking to create new meaning? What references are alluded to in the song (if any are present)?

For the musical  of the song, you must discuss the modes used in the song, the instrumentation chosen and how that impacts the feel, the tempo, and any of the other musical components we will discuss during class periods. It will be valuable to try and connect your analysis of the musical component and the lyrics to show how they work together. 

Music Theory on a country song

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