Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) Memo for Nigeria


For this assignment, each student will select a country that is participating in the Paris Agreement of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Students will write a very short memo to the Board (2 pages long maximum) reviewing the target country’s Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) as signatories of the Paris Agreement, and how it relates to key sectors and businesses in that country.

Prompt: You work for a major international investor looking to expand into new markets, particularly to capture
investment opportunities around climate change. Your firm understands that addressing climate change is not only the
right thing to do, but also a strategic competitive advantage. The CEO of your firm is absolutely committed to
sustainability and since she became CEO, your firm is also known for walking the talk on the “triple bottom line”.

Your firm wishes to expand operations in up to two new markets to include establishing a long-term presence in those
countries. The Strategy Department, which consists of 70 people, is putting together background information to the
Board of Directors as they consider whether to green light resources to develop and map out a go-to-market strategy.
The resources include staffing and budget for the next 12 months

You are a new analyst in the Department and are assigned to one of ten teams. Your job is to write a short, succinct
memo which outlines the connection between the country’s climate commitments, existing policies, market, industries,
financial circumstances (stability, depth of financial market, FDI), and give an assessment of whether the policies are
conducive to market entry for your firm.

Your boss, one of ten (10) VPs of New Markets, is not happy because the Board has only given VPs 45 minutes to make
the case to spend resources on exploring each new market. The outcome of this meeting may mean reducing the
Department to only those staff working on the two new market entry strategies. Jobs could be on the line. The existing
briefing book to the Board for your country is already 100 pages long, and your VP knows no one will read it.

Your boss has asked you to write a 2-page memo (maximum length), outlining the country’s most up to date Nationally
Determined Contribution (NDC) and other climate policies, and how these relate to key sectors and businesses in the
country. This memo should capture the audience, be clear and succinct, and include both (i) a section with key
considerations for a “go to market” strategy (e.g. “risks” and “opportunities”), and (ii) key questions that your firm will
need to explore if they are to spend up to 12 months putting staff and resources to develop a strategy. What are the
“fewest number of most important questions” the firm will need to answer?

Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) Memo for Nigeria

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