NUR3289 Chapter 20 assignment

While out shopping with your friend, she shares that she has been taking care of her grandmother at her home quite frequently lately and that she has noted that the grandmother has been suffering with urinary incontinence at night when it has never been an issue previously. She also mentions that she decreased her grandmother’s fluid intake but realized that could cause dehydration. She then discussed not taking in fluids after 7 PM with her grandmother and while that assisted a little, she is still having episodes of incontinence while in bed. She is concerned about her grandmother’s incontinence worsening and the possibility of her falling due to the incontinence at night while she is trying to get to the bathroom.




1. Answer the following questions:


a. What other information could you share with your friend besides fluid intake that may be a possible cause for the incontinency?


b. What continence aids are there to assist your friend and the grandmother?


2. Your paper should be:


. One (1) page or more.


. Use factual information from the textbook and/or appropriate articles and websites.


. Cite your sources – type references according to the  APA Style GuideLinks to an external site. . 


· Type your answers in a Word document and save the file.


APA format


Cite sources

NUR3289 Chapter 20 assignment

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