NURS 450: Public/Community Health Experiential Nursing Learning Course

Assignment: Focused Self-Reflection Paper


85 points


Assignment: The Focused Self-Reflection paper will address the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the BSN nursing student that have grown throughout the experiential learning opportunities, the time at SMSU, and/or professional experiences. These reflections are about the student. The paper is due in the D2L assignment box by the date indicated on the course calendar.


Outcomes: This assignment helps to meet the following student learning outcomes and end of program student learning outcomes.


SLO: #1 Take part in ethical caring behaviors with a focus on the value of autonomy by respecting the patient’s right to self-determination.


SLO: #2 Develop skills of critical thinking, communication, assessment, quality improvement, safety, and population-based interventions to improve health outcomes of diverse populations.


SLO: #3 Participate in interprofessional collaboration, and public health interventions, including health promotion, health education, teaching, screening, illness prevention, and follow-up.


SLO: #4 Determine management/leadership and quality improvement skills to meet the needs of the population served in the public/community health experiential nursing learning environment.


SLO: #5 Evaluate social determinants of health, culturally appropriate health promotion practices, and disease-prevention strategies for self and others.


SLO: #6 Evaluate lifelong learning, informatics/technology, and research evidence to promote population health and nursing actions to guide health promotion, prevention, maintenance, and restoration activities.


SLO: #7 Function as a nurse leader and change agent using the Scope and Standards of Public Health Nursing to advocate for policy changes that promote population-based health.


EOPSLO: #1 Build the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the baccalaureate prepared nurse as described within the Scope and Standards of Practice and Nursing Code of Ethics.


EOPSLO: #2 Value diversity when planning equitable and inclusive person-centered care.


EOPSLO: #3 Support person-centered care through inter- and intra-professional collaborative processes.


EOPSLO: #4 Examine evidence to optimize health, safety, and quality outcomes.


EOPSLO: #5 Evaluate informatics and technology to support optimal health outcomes.


EOPSLO: #6 Value social determinants of health in the nursing process application to provide person-centered care.




Using the template provided, write a reflective paper, based on each of the end of program student learning outcomes (EOPSLO). In each of the subtitles, give a specific example of how this was met either in the clinical area or in other nursing practice during the time as a student at SMSU. Finally, summarize each section by summarizing how your personal nursing practice has grown or matured through the experiences identified. In a summary paragraph, include how your previous assumptions on nursing practice have changed as you near the completion of your baccalaureate degree.


This should be a well-written paper, representative of a baccalaureate prepared nurse. Thoughts should be clearly presented, paragraphs well-organized, examples should be specific. If you have struggled with writing on previous papers, use the writing center to get help with this paper.


Upload a copy of your final work by the due date indicated in the course calendar.

NURS 450: Public/Community Health Experiential Nursing Learning Course

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