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Application Discussion Board

This is your first application discussion board activity. It is not a part of the module points. As stated in the syllabus and in the orientation module, you will have various discussion board activities that will be based on current events, analysis of scientific articles, podcast reflections and more in order to apply what you are learning in this class to your daily life. This discussion board is worth a total of 15 points and will go towards the application discussion board activities category for your grade breakdown. 

What will you do:

In this discussion board you will be exploring why the ocean is so important to each one of us. Whether we realize it or not, the ocean impacts our lives daily! First, read this article by marine biologist, policy expert and writer Dr. Ayana Johnson:


Once you are done reading the article, see the instructions for your personal reply below.

Personal Replies: (10 pts)

Once you have completed your reading, post a reply to this discussion board answering the following questions:

What were two take aways you had from reading this article? (2 pts)

What does the term, “environmental justice” mean? (2 pts)

What are a few reasons why Dr. Johnson claims we need “ocean justice”? (2 pts)

What are some solutions Dr. Johnson offers for the current issues we face? Do you have any additional solutions of your own you wish to also share? (2 pts)

Even if you rarely visit the beach, the ocean does impact everyone on this planet. Now that you’ve read the article, what are 2 ways that the ocean impacts your daily life directly? (2 pts)

ocean 112 sa

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