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Using an academic library, i.e., Klinck Library, search, locate, and read 10 articles drawn from peer-reviewed journal articles within the past five years relevant to these topics as they apply to your area of study, i.e., sports leadership, organizational leadership.

knowledge management

knowledge transfer

  1. knowledge measurement

learning organizations 

organizational learning 

Do not read only the abstract, nor find all your sources on the Internet. Use the Library as it will be excellent practice for you as you prepare for the comprehensive examination and writing of the dissertation.
Need a refresher on how to locate peer-reviewed journal articles? See g.
A complete and accurate APA reference must be provided for each article. Follow the 7th edition APA format. See the example at the end of the assignment description from the syllabus.
Due Week 8 – The Final Annotated Bibliography, 3/1/2024:
The Bibliography
Begin with a well-crafted Introduction in which you:
State your area of specialization and how the selected bibliographies align with the course topic of leading a knowledge organization/organizational learning. Please be specific. Address how you prepared your research, i.e., what library and keywords you used to locate the articles. This should be one academic paragraph consisting of 5-8 sentences.
After the introduction, begin with the annotations. Write 10 individual summative and evaluative annotations. This annotation type begins with broad comments about the article’s focus, then moves to more details, and then to the evaluative comments. Think of the annotation as a funnel.
Include one or more sentences that (a) evaluate the authority of the source, i.e., the journal and/or the author(s), (b) comment on the intended audience, (c) compare or contrast this work with another you have cited, and (d) explain how this work illuminates the topic and contributes to your research.
Three to four sentences summarizing, three to four sentences evaluating.
Provide real information, i.e., the credibility of the authors, the publication, data provided. For the evaluative component of the annotation, summarize the essential ideas and provide a judgment, i.e., the negatives, positives, or both—about the quality and applicability of one’s research agenda.
The annotation should be in your own words. Do not use quotes. Review the associated rubric before beginning the annotations to ensure you have addressed each criterion.
After completing the 10 annotations, provide a Conclusion paragraph that tells your reader the takeaway from the process. Integrate 5-6 of the critical sources used for the annotations within the conclusion paragraph, synthesizing concepts and literature. Then address what new learning happened. What further exploration might be needed?
To search for peer-reviewed articles or professional journals (peer-reviewed should be the majority), use the Klinck Memorial Library’s online databases () or another library’s databases.A tip for searching online for articles: Select keywords wisely and descriptively. When you use keyword searching, a root word, such as “leader,” will net more results. “Leadership” would result in fewer “hits.” If you need assistance with the databases or searching, contact the CUC Klinck Memorial Library. The librarians are more than willing to assist you. Start early. Please do not wait until the weekend the assignment is due to begin, as it may take time to find relevant, scholarly sources or to request them from the Klinck Library.
Note: White papers, course papers, encyclopedias, dictionaries, dissertations, master’s theses, blogs, vlogs, magazine articles, newspaper articles, or other information published through websites or print sources from publications for general or popular consumption will not be accepted.
Resources, not peer-reviewed articles from scholarly journals, and within five years since publication will not be included in the scoring. Many scholarly journals are now published exclusively online. Ensure you provide the complete reference following the 7th edition of APA. Choose and evaluate your publications wisely. If you require help, contact the library, see 
Remember that EACH annotated article must be from a peer-reviewed academic journal and must have been published within the last five years. Any articles that do not conform to these requirements will not receive credit. No exceptions.

(Learning Objective 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5)

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