PLSC 102 writing response

Gov. “Rock” sets out to hold a series of rallies in Lansing, Detroit, and Grand Rapids in support of the Michigan response to the Upper Peninsula Sickness and stoking anti-Canadian sentiment.  Gov. Whitford in neighboring Wisconsin condemn his angry speeches on a post on TikTok as harmful to their neighbors to the north – and potentially risky given that how the new illness spreads is unknown. Within hours, many Republicans post responses across social media against Gov. Whitford.  Followed by Democrats and left leaning influencers coming to the defense of Gov. Whitford.  Sides are drawn and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas demands all assistance to Wisconsin stop.

A new group, called the “Wolverine Party” starts waving flags at the third of Gov. “Rock”‘s rallies in Detroit, shouting “Feds Go Home!” and “True and Blue!”  The hashtag #wolverines spikes in right leaning social media platforms, on TikTok, Instagram, and X. 

Without saying any words about it, 20 Republican Congresspersons appear in pro-Wolverine shirts at the next session of Congress.

Write a response about the partisan responses of the parties involved, taking into account the definition of Political Ideology and Parties. What are the people involved in the scenario trying to do?  What’s their goals in their responses?


PLSC 102 writing response

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