Quality improvement Plan (QIP)

You are the Production Department manager at Kibby and Strand, and last month there were complaints from customers that the quality of the products shipped to them was lacking. Some shorts were labeled with incorrect sizes and boys’ shirts had buttons sewn on the wrong side.

The Operations Manager tasks you to prepare an overall Quality Improvement Plan (QIP), including a plan for conducting a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to identify the causes of these quality issues. In addition, he recently read the article  and wants you to detail how the quality inspections in the article can be implemented within Kibby and Strand’s quality improvement plan.

You will create a QIP and RCA plan using the research and knowledge learned in the scenario and post it in the discussion. Please note that it is not possible to actually conduct the RCA and document findings, because the data is not provided in the scenario

Additional info: When you create the Quality Improvement Plan, first research quality improvement methodologies such as TQM, PDSA, etc., and select one as your foundation for the quality improvement program. Next, create short checklists for each department to implement the methodology.  The article in the discussion scenario on the top of the page by Burkhart will work well for creating a checklist in the Production Department.  The thing to keep in mind is the QIP in a continuous process improvement effort.  It is always being executed to ensure high quality products and services.  The QIP is considered a preventive plan because its purpose is to prevent / minimize quality issues in a product or service.

The Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process is not covered in the textbook, but is a critical quality effort used in many industries.  The RCA is used when a bad outcome event occurs affecting the quality of product or service the company provides, so the RCA plan is executed by exception when an event occurs such as the one in the discussion scenario.  A RCA plan is a reactive plan and it is executed after an adverse quality event occurs.  Once the RCA determines the root cause of the problem, then any fixes are implemented in the QIP and monitored to ensure the problem does not reoccur.  Here’s a good industry accepted RCA methodology with a checklist you can use.


Quality improvement Plan (QIP)

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