questions 1

What are the early signs and symptoms of inadequate oxygenation?

What are the late signs and symptoms of inadequate oxygenation?

  1. Discuss what a patient may exhibit with both early and/or late manifestations of inadequate oxygenation. 
  2. Discuss the differences between a nasal-cannula, non-rebreather face mask, and a Venturi mask.

What is bilevel positive airway pressure (BiPAP)? Why is it used in the treatment of this patient?

  1. What priority nursing interventions should be implemented for the management of a patient experiencing difficulties breathing?

What is the pathophysiology of heart failure?

  1. What are the clinical manifestations that distinguish right-sided heart failure from left-sided heart failure?

What pharmacological agents are used to manage heart failure?

  1. What are the clinical manifestations of digitalis toxicity? 

Explain the rationale for obtaining a digoxin level test and a basic metabolic panel for a patient who has Heart failure and is receiving digoxin as medication.

  1. What are the typical signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia?

What are some possible reasons that a patient might not manifest early symptoms of hypoglycemia even though they are diagnosed with hypoglycemia?

  1. What are some of the risk factors that may cause a patient to have a hypoglycemic crisis? 

What are some nursing interventions for the management of hypoglycemia?

questions 1

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