Rcg communication

The focus of this Relational Communication Journal [5 points each] will be on your mental and physical health. How we feel both mentally and physically will affect our interactions with everyone around us, especially those who we consider significant others (family, friends, partner, spouse, etc.). So it is important to say in touch with how we are feeling both mentally and physically. The information posted in this Journal assignment is confidential. That said, please do not reveal anything you feel is none of the Professor’s darn business! The purpose of this assignment is to “try to provide an understanding of the multiple influences, such as culture, family, work, and politics, on your behaviors.” (Geist-Martin et al., p. 17).

Posting Your Journal Entry: Type or copy/paste your assignment into the text box. Make sure you “submit” your post!  Each week you will address the following prompt:

  • On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your mental and physical health right now/this week? Explain the number you have picked to represent your mental and physical health [i.e. “I am at a 7/10 this week because I…”]
  • Describe one behavior you engaged in this week that you believe contributes to or detracts from your health (e.g., taking or not taking vitamins, any form of exercise or sedentary activities, smoking, meditating, eating particular foods, feeling anxious or sad or depressed).
  • Explain why you do this behavior and how you believe it contributes to or detracts from your health.
  • Describe how communication was part of engaging in this behavior today (e.g., retelling the behavior to a friend or healthcare provider, talking with someone while engaging in the behavior, sharing your experiences with someone who also engages in the behavior). That is, how and who did you talk to about your week/behaviors? 
  • Describe how you might ensure continuing this healthy behavior or reducing/eliminating this unhealthy behavior.

Rcg communication

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