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ACTIVITY: Final Paper Part 1 (My Qualifications)

Imagine yourself as a successful top-producing real estate mortgage lender.  Because that’s what you will be in this class!  You will be completing a 1003 mortgage loan application on behalf of your fictitious client who is purchasing a house.  As part of the final project, you will submit the completed loan application, along with your narrative report, a “Mortgage Loan Application Assessment”. 

During the even-numbered Modules (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, & 14), you will complete a portion of the project for your Activity assignment.  You will need to complete a PDF form, so please ensure you have Adobe Reader (it’s free) or other PDF app installed on your computer.  It does not work well on your phone or tablet, so plan to use a computer with PDF software installed.  Take a moment to download Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download) 


For this 2-paragraph, assignment, you will start your final project by discussing your qualifications (education, experience, and future real estate licensing).  In the next paragraph, discuss the NMLS California state mortgage loan brokering license requirements from Chapter 15 in your textbook (include the page numbers).  Each paragraph must be 5 sentences.  Scroll down to the bottom for an example.

Begin with your name, date, and class number at the top of the paper.  Follow the template below.  To submit, simply type your information into the text box here.  However, please SAVE a copy of your assignment to a Microsoft Word document or google doc.  You will need a copy of it later for your final paper, “Mortgage Loan Application Assessment.”  If you use any sources (other than your own original work), you MUST cite them in your paragraph, and reference them at the end.

<module / chapter #>


<In the first paragraph, insert student’s qualifications, including education, experience, and future real estate licensing.  Connect your work experience to your real estate career. Must be 5 complete sentences long.>

<In the second paragraph, discuss the NMLS state licensing requirements in California from the textbook Chapter 15 (include the page number).  Must be 5 complete sentences long.> 


Below is an example but USE YOUR OWN WORDS.  Do NOT copy the wording, but you may use the structure as a template to follow.

I believe I am qualified for this position as a mortgage lender because of my education, experience, and licensing.  I have completed five real estate courses at Victor Valley College including Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice, Appraisal, Real Estate Economics, and Marketing.  Currently, I am enrolled in Real Estate Finance for the Spring 2021 semester.  My work experience includes being a cashier/server at Wendy’s Restaurant, where I learned customer service skills, counting money, and leadership.  I received an award for arriving to work early for each shift and also earned a promotion to shift leader because of my hard work.  In my real estate business, I will use these career skills and leadership qualities to succeed by assisting clients to get approved for mortgage loans in a timely manner.  I plan to become a real estate broker in California, and also earn my NMLS license to complete mortgage loans with borrowers.

NMLS stands for “Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System” and it is a required licensing exam for all mortgage lenders in the U.S., in addition to any state requirements (pp. 413-414).   In California… (write this paragraph in your own words).

Social Science Question

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