Sociology of Violence/ Political Psychology

Many jurisdictions are attempting to deal with the burgeoning number of inmates sent to prison for drug-related offenses. One new avenue that has been implemented by many states is to create special courts called drug courts, which typically offer offenders treatment in lieu of prison.

Instructions: Conduct a descriptive analysis of the ways in which your local jurisdiction deals with drug-addicted offenders. Does the corrections department offer any special treatment program, such as therapeutic communities? Is there a drug court in your local jurisdiction? If so, which types of offenders qualify to be adjudicated in the drug court? How are juvenile cases handled?

Potential sources for your analysis include:

Alternatives to Drug Incarceration:


Written Assignment 3


Answer the following questions. Your answers can be brief but they should be substantive. Make sure your response is at least 250 words in length, cites references from the text and outside sources if necessary, and follows the APA/ASA style format.

1. Briefly Identify Luckenbill’s Six Homicide Transactions (a list is fine).

2. Read the linked New York Times article on the murder of Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick, GA in February 2020 (Ahmaud Arbery murder). What are the outlined facts of the incident and murder?

3. What can be done to move the potential murderer to “walk away” from engaging in murder? Think to the theories on violence we have already covered in the course to help with this analysis.

4. What may motivate the potential murderer to actually retaliate with violence? Again, what theories might help with this analysis?

5. Given your responses in Questions 3 and 4, what would you propose to reduce similar murders from taking place? Which theory supports your proposal? 

Political psychology disscussion

This week you read an excerpt from George Lakoff’s book ‘Moral Politics: How Liberals and Conservatives Think’. Lakoff is a cognitive psychologist whose work primarily focuses on liberal vs. conservative worldviews and how those beliefs are expressed through language. Another major contributor within this field is Frank Luntz, a political consultant who specializes in the framing of messages. Read more on Luntz’s work within the article below.

Find a recent news article (within the last 7 days) that exemplifies the rhetoric or framing techniques outlined by Lakoff and/or Luntz. Reflect about the choice of wording used by the authors. Does the language draw from a primarily liberal or primarily conservative lexicon? In what way does it deviate from this lexicon? Considering Haidt’s research on moral channels, how effective do you think this author’s choice of language is (also, define ‘effective’)? 

Sociology of Violence/ Political Psychology

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