SOWK 530 Life Map Assignment Instructions

A Life Map is a pictorial narrative of your life that provides a visual road map of key events and experiences that have impacted your development. The goal is to trace significant moments of your life from birth to present day. Please watch the short video entitled Create a Map of Your Life to get started. You may be as creative as you like, however the map must be organized, legible, and a chronological pictorial account of your life from point A (past) to point B (present). If you are using symbols to depict emotions or positive/negative experiences, please include a map key or legend to explain. Wording should also be easily readable.


You may need to speak to parents or siblings to start your life map and identify key events from your earliest years. Then begin by organizing your thoughts and memories into a written timeline. Use the written timeline to create the map. Your map should be scanned and uploaded as a PDF. Images may be neatly hand-drawn, computer generated, real images, etc.


The map should cover biological, psychological, social, and spiritual key life events that highlight your social environment and development. Life events, milestones, and trajectory changing experiences that are unique to your development should be included to provide an overview of your life. As an adult, a minimum of 10-15 points on the map are needed. The map will be graded based up detail, creativity, and legibility. Please google images of life maps, that look like a map or visual timeline.


Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

SOWK 530 Life Map Assignment Instructions

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