Sustainability Question

Objective: Utilize the to understand the flood hazards facing different counties across the US, emphasizing water engagement and sustainability aspects.


Research and Data Collection

Navigate to the  (shown below).

Screenshot of Visualization Tiles 

Locate and select the following counties: Orleans Parish (LA), San Mateo County (CA), and Harris County (TX).

For each county, select the Special Flood Hazard and Sea Level Rise tiles.

Thoroughly review each of the tiles within the Special Flood Hazard category. Extract and note down any data or details that provide insights about water engagement (how the area interacts with water, infrastructure in place, etc.) and sustainability (measures in place to ensure long-term resilience and adaptability to rising sea levels). I’d recommend using a table, but you can also include a paragraph of notes or just bullet points. 

Comparative Analysis (1 paragraph total)

Orleans Parish, LA: Begin with a brief overview of the flood hazard data for Orleans Parish. Describe the patterns of water engagement and any sustainability efforts you identify. What are the specific challenges this Parish faces regarding rising sea levels, and how are they addressing them?

San Mateo County, CA: Provide a summary of the flood hazard data for San Mateo County. Highlight the characteristics of water engagement and sustainability measures in place. How do these measures and challenges compare to those of Orleans Parish?

Harris County, TX: Delve into the flood hazard data for Harris County. Describe the unique features of water engagement and their sustainability initiatives. Compare and contrast with the previous two counties. What stands out for Harris County in terms of its approach to water engagement and sustainability?

Conclusion (1 paragraph total)

Reflect on the similarities and differences among the three counties in terms of their flood hazards, water engagement strategies, and sustainability efforts. Think about who is being impacted and the data provided. 

Offer some thoughts on the significance of these findings, especially in the context of future urban planning and the ever-increasing threat of climate change.

Sustainability Question

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