The conceptual basis of special education

Listen to the TED Talks below. What impacted you from listening to the stories of these individuals? How can this make us better educators?


post should demonstrate course-related knowledge and must support your assertions with at least two references to acceptable sources, using citations in current APA format. 


Grandin, T. (2010).  The World Needs All Kinds of Minds (19:27).


McCabe, J. (2017).  This is What It’s Really Like to Live with ADHD (17:13).


DiMarco, N. (2018).  Why We Need to Make Education More Accessible to the Deaf (14:28)


Pistorius, M. (2015).  How my mind came back to life – and no one knew (13:59).


Heumann, J. (2016).  Our Fight for Disability Rights – and Why We’re Not Done Yet (17:0


Assignment 2- 20 slides.


This presentation is a culmination of your prior work.  You may use your content from previously the 4 submitted papers for this course which is attached below.


Be sure the presentation meets the following objectives:


1. Identify the varying elements and factors that contribute to a child’s placement in an appropriate special education program.


2. Summarize the classification process and importance of individualizing instruction to meet the educational needs of children in special education.


3. Explain the rights of children, parents, and the supportive role schools play.


Be sure your presentation includes an introduction and conclusion, at least 20 slides (about 6-7 slides per objective), -10 minutes when presented, and utilizing APA formatting.


will screen record your presentation, although your video does not need to be recording you, it does need to record your screen, and your voice should be presenting the slides.


Be sure you are utilizing the  PPT Presentation Rubric to check your submission for all essential components. Rubrics are a tool used for self-evaluation during the process of assessment as well as a summative assessment tool.


Please include slide notes


Assignment 3- 1 page


Use the course learning outcomes (as stated in the syllabus) and discuss how you believe you have met each outcome. The paper is to be in correct APA formatting, and a minimum of 100 words.


Learning outcomes


By the end of the course, the student will be able to:


1. Summarize the conceptual basis of special education as well as the legal requirements concerning students with exceptionalities. 


2. Identify characteristics of various categories of disabilities and the classification process. 


3. Analyze the professional role of teachers, and the role of students, parents, school and community in the education of students with exceptionalities. 

The conceptual basis of special education

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