Tiffin University Cultural Studies Question Assessing My Cultural Intelligence


This course has focused on helping you identify your native cultural values and those of other cultures throughout the world. This final assignment asks you to reflect overall how this class has impacted your cultural intelligence or awareness.

Reflection Paper Instructions

For this reflection paper, please write a 2-3 page paper addressing the following questions:

How would you assess your cultural intelligence before this course? How would you describe your cultural intelligence capabilities now? What has changed and why?

What would you like to keep working on after completing this course? In this section, refer to your core values and your flex values. Which core values could be examined or adjusted to increase your cultural intelligence?

  • What have you learned about preparing to communicate with individuals from different cultures? What do you need to know before interacting with someone from a different culture?
  • Please review the following resources for this activity:
  • Refer to any of the resources, readings and videos used in connection with this class.

At the end of your submission, include a brief Design Statement explaining the process and tools you used to develop your work. Your statement should be about a paragraph or so, in your own words (rather than formally written), and unique to this assignment. Why are we asking for this? Find out more about .

Tiffin University Cultural Studies Question Assessing My Cultural Intelligence

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