Treating the behavior of mental health for the future generations

· Research based paper is required for the course, on a Psychology related topic of your choosing.


· Plagiarism is not acceptable, and you will receive a ZERO for the Paper if they do not represent your original work.


The paper should include citations, and references in APA style and be research based, not an opinion essay.


1. Research Paper: Choose any psychological disorder or topic in Psychology. Using DSM-V criteria, describe the disorder, along with symptoms, etiology, pervasiveness, etc. Find a minimum of  three peer reviewed references from a journal article to support your arguments. This is not an ESSAY, so it must be supported by previous research and be written in APA STYLE 7th edition!


Research Paper specifics (including APA 7thedition writing style)


(Look into tutorial or OWL Purdue for guidance).


It must be in APA style  template on word to write your paper.


1. 12-point Times Roman


2. 5 pages double spaced of content, plus Title page, Abstract, and References page. (So, a total of 8 pages) (5 PAGES OF CONTENT, 1 PAGE OF TITLE PAGE, 1 PAGE OF ABSTRACT, 1 PAGE OF REFERENCES)


3. Margins must be 1 inch on all sides


4. Include at least 3 peer reviewed articles in your paper, in addition to other sources, such as your textbook or related websites (e.g., NIH, NIMH)


5. Read the present literature (no more than 5 years old) on the disorder or topic in psychology you have chosen. Using critical thinking skills, evaluate the information, and include it as support for your topic of choice.

Treating the behavior of mental health for the future generations

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