Triptans are contraindicated for which patient? Select all that apply

1. 1Triptans are contraindicated for which patient? Select all that apply.


1. Pregnant patient


2. Patient with prior MI


3. Patient taking MAOIs


4. Patient age 12-17 years old


2. Which of the following antiseizure medications potentiate the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA?


1. Pregabalin


2. Lamotrigine


3. Vigabatrin


4. Ezogabine


3. A 72 year-old patient diagnosed with mild Alzheimer’s Disease has been taking Donepezil 10 mg daily. Her caregiver has made a follow-up visit to address their concern that the patient’s condition has worsened. What medication change can be made?


1. Discontinue Donepezil and recommend nutritional supplements


2. Increase Doneprezil to 23mg daily


3. Discontinue Donepezil and prescribe Galantamine


4. Continue Donepezil and add Memantine


4. Which of the following would be an indicator that a patient is a candidate for migraine preventative treatment?


1. Infrequent (three or less a month) but severe attacks


2. Attacks that do not respond to abortive agents


3. Moderate to mild attacks that occur frequently (three or more a month)


4. Nausea and vomiting occurs with attacks


5. When a patient is prescribed Levodopa/Carbidopa what education should they receive (Select all that apply):


1. If signs of excessive cardiac stimulation occur then notify your provider.


2. Expect a sudden benefit from this medication.


3. Hypertension is a possible side effect, and the patient should sit or lie down if this occurs.


4. Nausea and vomiting can be reduced by following a low-fat and low-protein diet.

Triptans are contraindicated for which patient? Select all that apply

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