USC Transfer Application Question (research about the school IN DEPTH) MUST RESEARCH THE SCHOOL IN DEPTH


Describe how you plan to pursue your academic interests and why you want to explore them at USC specifically. Please feel free to address your first- and second-choice major selections. (Approx 250 Words)

When writing this, I would like you to do and consider a few things in order to have a good application. THIS IS FOR A TRANSFER APPLICATION FROM COMMUNITY COLLEGE TO A UNIVERSITY. 

1. Talk about USC specifically and talk about things that USC has IN DEPTH. I want you to do this because it shows that I am catering this specific application to USC. I do not want my application to look like one acceptable for UCLA for example. Essentially, reference a unique resource at USC that relates to my academic interests. Make it about USC by naming a few of their classes in the psychology field which I would be interested in, or talking about the places I would be walking in (At USC Dornsife school, where I am applying). This assignment requires research on the school.

– Here are some classes I am interested in for psychology which I found on the USC class website. 

Sensation and Perception – Receptor processes and stimulus organization; traditional topics in the perception of objects, space, time. Laboratory demonstrations and exercises.

Childrens Learning and Cognitive Development – Principles of cognitive development, learning, and motivation applied to the development of literacy; includes tutoring a child 2 hours per week. 

Behavioral Neuroscience – Neural bases of behavior. Concentration on sensory and motor processes and the interaction of neural, chemical, and hormonal systems.

2. Talk about things I plan to participate in and why (specifically at USC and relates to my academics and name them) 

3. Tell admissions officers why you are pursuing your field and why USC is the right place for you to pursue it

Make this personal about ME and USC and Pyschology and please do your research! This is approx 250 words

USC Transfer Application Question (research about the school IN DEPTH) MUST RESEARCH THE SCHOOL IN DEPTH

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