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Assignment 2: Recommend an Ethical Solution

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This week’s reading discusses theorists who have developed a process to make ethical decision-making efficient and practical. Identify a contemporary issue within the criminal court system and create a flow chart to identify and apply the following to analyze the scenario and develop an ethical solution. Be sure to identify the ethical theories/theorists used. 

Assessment – What are the facts of the ethical issue?

Alternatives – What choices do the Courts have?

Analysis – What are the ethical principles associated with choices?

Application- Apply ethical principles to determine the best outcome.

Action – Describe what should be done about the issue you have identified.

Length: 2 to 3-page flow chart, not including title and reference pages 

References: Support your assignment with at least 2 scholarly resources. 

Complete all required tasks for this assignment and then upload your work for grading. Submit your work as a file attachment (do not submit as a link to the document). This means you complete all work as a Microsoft document as indicated in the assignment (e.g., Microsoft Word, PowerPoint), save it to your device, then upload the file. Acceptable formats are .doc and .docx or .ppt and .pptx only. Work must be completed with an APA formatted References section and in APA format.  Work that is submitted in other file types, single-spaced, typed in the textbox, or submitted via email will not be graded. Once your work is graded, it may not be resubmitted for a new grade.

By submitting to this assignment, you attest that your work is original content and has not been previously submitted for a grade by you or another person at this or any other institution and that all sources are properly quoted and cited per APA requirements. For writing support, you may contact the National University Writing Center and/or review 

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